East Africa Design+Supply

Handcrafted, sustainable design.


The story

We discovered a way to re purpose the unused and abundant materials that are readily available to not only create beautiful one of a kind pieces, but also new employment opportunities. What really gets us excited is knowing there is an opportunity to empower our partners with the resources and skills to provide for their community for generations to come.

Our products and materials are sourced and handmade by experts who have been perfecting their craft for generations. Modern design and natural materials create statement pieces for you and your home that carry timeless appeal.

By using cow horn, leather, and other natural products as our raw material, we have found an ethical and sustainable way to transform what was formerly a byproduct of the agro-industry, into the spotlight of our
products and your style.

East Africa Design + Supply specializes in handcrafted home decor from the local and natural resources of Northern Uganda. Our mission is to combine the generational creativity and resourcefulness that defines the Ugandan people, with contemporary home design. Our foundational mission is to drive forward the meaningful development of a region that has proved to be an inspiration.
— Arthur and Adam